Metal Foundry Industry


Kao Corporation is one of the world leading foundry suppliers and has 2 major organic no-bake systems for the foundry industry namely the KAO LIGHTNER series and the KAO STEP series. They are perfectly suitable for all metal casting including ferrous casting (FC, FCD) as well as special alloy and steel casting.
  This is a furan-based system and consists of resin binders and catalysts to provide the best quality for metal casting during the foundry molding process. The superior sand mold strength reduces the damage from mold collapse and increases the accuracy dimension of casting. There exists a wide range of catalysts to cater to varying demands for setting time.
  This second series is an alkaline phenol based system which is the most advanced in the world and also makes use of 2 components namely a resin binder and a hardener to achieve fast cycle times for small castings as well as slow cycle times for large castings. The products combine high strength development and good flowability to attain excellent casting quality.
Coating and Releasing Agents
  Kao Corporation also manufactures the FURANCLEAN OSK series of products for use as coating agents and releasing agents for patterns and molds.



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