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MIGHTY range of admixtures is the worldwide pioneer in the field of superplasticizers since 1964 and each product is able to meet every stringent requirement of modern advanced concrete technology. In addition, MIGHTY admixtures are also superior additives for High Performance Concrete complying with ASTM C494, BS5075, JIS A6204, EN934, SS320 and other major standards for qualities including high flowability, high durability and high strength. Further advantages when employing MIGHTY admixtures include high slump while maintaining concrete quality; highly effective at relatively lower dosage rates and reducing cement content without loss of strength which all translate to cost savings and better quality in manufacturing operations.
Concrete Admixtures
  MIGHTY range of admixtures supplied by Premier Structure can be classified as follows: -
High Range Water Reducing Superplasticizers
Retarding Set Type Superplasticizers
Retarding Plasticizers
Slump Retentive Type Superplasticizers
Superplasticizers for Self-Compacting Concrete
Admixtures for Jet Grout
Surface Retarders
Concrete Releasing Agents
  This is covered by the LINER SEVEN series of products to achieve a nicer and smoother concrete surface texture compared to conventional release agents. The products are oil phase water-soluble and can easily eliminate air voids on the surface of concrete such as pinholes and bug holes as well as residue of concrete such as laitance that are likely to remain on the mold surface.
Integral Water-Proofing Systems
  At the same time, Premier Structure supplies waterproofing additives namely STYROBOND and CS-975 as integral admixtures for concrete casting.
Asphalt Emulsifiers

This is covered by the ASFIER series of emulsifiers for the production of cationic and anionic types of rapid and slow set asphalt emulsion.

GRIPPER range of specialty additives will tremendously improve the superior adhesion properties of asphalt onto aggregates. This will in turn dramatically increase the long span of hot and cold asphalt mixes for road building and etc.
Auxiliary Products
  The following list completes the portfolio of products supplied by Premier Structure for the construction industry.
PRECURE S - a curing compound surface sealer
KEMSPEC - an epoxy mortar used as RC repair and patched work products
NITCAL - corrosion inhibitor cum admixture accelerator
Densified and Undensified Silica Fume Powder
PRESET S - Set Accelerator



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